Interview: Outsourced vs In-house teams

The Interview with Michael Rispoli Lead Software Engineer  from New York.  He has experience working both outsourced and in-house teams. We asked him questions about his experience with two types of teams and what option he chooses for himself.
In this interview there is no assessment of the work of Ukrainian teams. In this interview we tried to generally show the difference between outsourcing and internal development

What business\project do you have

I have a number of projects from small brochure websites to complex web applications. Some I build from scratch as a part of my company others are a large application I maintain as a part of my day job.

Please share your experience with the outsourcing team, where were they from? 

I’ve worked with teams from Romania, India, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Czechoslovakia.

Why did you decide to outsource?

The situation was different at every company but most commonly it was because we needed extra help with a project and needed to bring team members in quickly at the right price. 

What was their work?

Sometimes the work was good other times it was bad, depended on the developer and the situation. Usually, the outsourcing company was happy to replace bad developers.

How did you keep the communication with them?

Sometimes we spoke directly with the developers and worked right with them. Other times this was through a project manager when we were more hands-off.

What was the result?

The best result was when the developer worked as a part of the team like a remote member. The worst results were hiring a team with a project manager to totally own the entire project. Timezone changes are also problematic. I most enjoyed working with teams from Argentina and Costa Rica because the time change isn’t so drastic so the team isn’t strained with late night meetings and calls back home. Typically this just feels like remote employees working together every day rather than an outsourced team.

Please share your experience with the in-house team

How many time did that take to build an in-house team

I don’t really think about how long it takes to build the team since this is largely based upon the growth of the company. Sometimes we had to do this fast other times it happens slow, depends on the scale of the business.

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Why did you decide to build the in-house team?

Culture, camaraderie, and generally feeling a sense of ownership over the product. 

What were the benefits of working with an in-house team?

All of the above. Generally in-house teams feel a greater sense of ownership and pride in the product. I can be more specific and say that full-time employees in general have this benefit. So local freelancers even if they come to the office tend to not have the same long term thinking and decision making someone who is going to invest a good portion of their lives and livelihood in a product and company will.


I plan to work in-house most of the time just because the complexity of building an outsourced team isn’t all that easy. Usually you don’t have an interview process and rely on a company to find decent developers. I believe in a global workforce so I would just go ahead and hire internationally directly if this were a need I had in the future. I like to have a relationship with the developer not another company. I can also pay the developer properly for their work this way. Generally though I would like everyone working the same core hours and pair programming and working together during the day. We ship better code and work together better this way.

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