IT outsourcing in Ukraine

5 Facts About IT Outsourcing In Ukraine

Outsourcing topic is full of information about technologies and  lists of companies.  It this post we collected interesting facts about IT outsourcing in Ukraine 

IT is the most growing field in Ukraine

Ukraine is always in Top countries in the world who provide IT services. According to 125 000 people are registered in Ukraine as IT specialists, and this number are rising on 13% per year.

IT outsourcing in Ukraine

A few years ago Ukrainian IT companies thought that they have competition with Indian IT companies. Today Ukraine is a well-established and independent player on the world IT outsourcing market. Ukrainian IT companies already have a reputation and no need to have a competition with other countries.

At the same time the number of people who wants to work in IT, just rising in Ukraine. People from other fields want to work in IT and changing the specialty. There is even a term “emigration to IT” that means that specialists from different fields are moving to IT field.
IT outsourcing in Ukraine

Most customers are from The USA, The United Kingdom, and Canada

Generally, these are countries who are leaders in outsourcing. But if you ask IT companies most of them will answer that they are targeting Europe market and the USA

Software and Web development is the most common service for outsourcing to Ukraine

Most companies have Web development as a primary service.
If you look at the development history of most IT companies, you will see that they started their activity precisely with web development, and all other services were added as they developed.

Kyiv is the most popular city where IT specialists and companies based


Kyiv is the fastest growing city in Ukraine. At the same time, the number of IT specialists are the highest in Kyiv. Other popular for Outsourcing cities Kharkiv, Lviv, and Zaporizhia
According to The Economist “The Global Liveability Index” Kyiv is in the top five cities where life comfort indicators have improved the most over the past 5 – 10 years

Ukrainian IT is a separate island

Due to the fact that Ukrainian IT specialists most often work with foreign clients, this also affects their worldview.
Ukrainian IT workers are the most European-minded part of the population. They strive for a European lifestyle and concepts. The ability of a candidate to speak English fluently is a mandatory requirement today, and English courses are a mandatory requirement from candidates to companies. On the other hand, it divides society to some extent, and now this difference is becoming quite large.


In Conclusion

Ukraine is full of facts about outsourcing 
Earlier we described Ways to start outsourcing to Ukraine
Ukrainians are loyal and  hardworking, european minded people.  


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