full-stack development in ukraine

Full-Stack Development in Ukraine

When Ukrainians’ use the term full-stack, they describe a developer who is equally good at writing front-end and back-end.

To be more specific, this means that the developer can work with databases, knows front-end frameworks, and back-end frameworks. Such a developer can turn Photoshop’s layout into a ready-to-use website.

The Full-stack developer does not need to be super professional in all areas and technologies in which he should work because it is almost impossible. He needs to be able to work with these technologies, but can know them superficially.

According to Stackoverflow, 48.2% of their users identify themselves as a full-stack developer.

full stack development in ukraine

Why full-stack developers appeared?

The first search request appeared in 2012. And from that moment on, the number of “full-stack developers” begins to snowball. The graph shows the dynamics of popularity (100 points – maximum popularity) of the full-stack developer request in all its variations on Google.

full stack developemtn in ukraine

Right now hard to imagine, but the developers who did first steps in IT field were all that we mean by “full-stack.” But there was no term to denote it. All developers made websites from start to finish.
web developemnt in ukraine
Fifteen years ago, there wasn’t such a variety of technologies, and the project requirements were much more straightforward. Today everything is much more complex and require narrowly focused specialists. Therefore, the term “full-stack” appeared to separate narrowly specialized developers and the so-called generalists.

For customers, at first glance, it seems that it will cost more if there are two programmers on the project — one who is involved in front-end and another in back-end development. Very often, freelance developers strive for full-stack development. Because it’s much easier for the customer if his project makes the same person from A to Z

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In conclusion to this subtopic

The main reason why full-stack development is so popular the complexity of organizing development processes if the team has a lot of narrowly focused specialists. If we speak about complex projects the team could be five people for the one project

Why Full stack development is good

— The client can work with one person and doesn’t need to waste time for extra communication
— The clients don’t need to synchronize work between people
— clearly who is responsible for the development of the project

Why Full Stack development is not good

— The client who works with one programmer is not protected. In case the programmer needs to be changed no one can do this in a short period
— A great optimism to think that one developer can know equally front-end, back-end frameworks, and system administrating. It is not possible for complex projects
— It takes more time. Even if you have just two separate developers who a responsible for front-end and back-end, you can build processes where they can work in parallel. That will save a lot of time in development. With one programmer the work will be done step-by-step which takes more time


Full-stack development is not something new. This is the old way of development, but with a term which characterizes it. That doesn’t mean that this way of web development doesn’t have a future. It shows the rising tendency. All is well if you use it in a balanced and wise way. Full-stack development can work well on simple or medium complexity projects. When you need to do an MVP to check the market

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