New President in Ukraine

At 30th of April, the National Exit Poll shows final results, Volodymyr Zelenski got the most votes in the elections – 73,22 %. This is a record number of votes in the history of independent Ukraine.

4 Improvements Which Could Affect The IT industry in Ukraine.

Corruption: the main Ukrainian problem which highlights the new president – corruption. Volodymyr Zelenski tells that the first thing he plans to start working on is to fight against corruption. Which is positive also for the outsourcing industry.

Return expats to Ukraine: after 2014 the number of Ukrainians who moved to other countries rose. It should be noted that there are no exact statistics on how many Ukrainians emigrated in recent years. According to the State Migration Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, about 5 million Ukrainians work abroad. A lot of them are working as an IT specialist.

Develop domestic production: this is not a secret, that today the domestic production in Ukraine is in decline. On the one hand that helps the IT industry because the youth doesn’t see opportunities in the other industries and start working in IT; on the other hand, the decay of local business destroys IT outsourcing. Because that gathers around IT people who are not passionate about what they do. This is reflected in their motivation and performance.

E-country: one of the way to fight against corruption the new president see in transparent and electronic processes inside the country. Free access to the Internet, with the automation of all public processes, in particular on the formation and use of budgets, as well as on the conduct of tenders and procurement. The politician also plans to ensure that citizens of Ukraine can vote in elections and referendums via the Internet.

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