How to start Outsourcing To Ukraine?

When you start with the idea, usually business owners have many things to do.
Outsourcing this is not an easy task that is why we prepared the to-do list, which will help you to start your outsourcing journey in Ukraine. If you do not find answers to your questions, you can ask our community for help. That could be your first action in finding a good team for outsourcing.

Step 1: Collect the data about the project you want to make

A general idea of the project. Write as detailed as possible with examples.

If you find ready projects with some similarities to your idea, that would be fantastic. You can organize them in doc file. In each company managers will ask you about details, that file will save you time. How detailed should be a description?

If you can make a specification of the project with the described functionality, you will omit the first phase of the most companies “discovery,” “specification writing” in different companies the name is different.

However, the essence is the same; this is a phase where the Business Analyst from the chosen company will make a very detailed description of the project. That usually called requirement specification

Step 2: Start searching for a company

We wrote below methods which you can use to start searching for a company. Each of them has its benefits and drawback.

Post the project on UpWork

In case you don’t want to send multiple emails, want to start something small, looking for junior specialists, self-employment freelancers — Upwork is your way.

The drawback of this platform is that you will be spammed with letters from specialists, and sometimes they would be not relevant to what you are looking for.

  • Write directly to the companies which you can find on the listing platforms
  • Write in the social media that you are searching for a team

Step 3: Communication with the team

After you find a few candidates, you can organize calls with each of them, or come to Ukraine to meet them, which is the best.

Try to get as much information as possible during that period:

  • Founders. Who are the founders of the company and when it was founded?
  • Company representer. Pay attention to the person who speaks to you. This is a real person, and the name and surname are corresponding to the person. Pay special attention to people who are speaking from the owner’s name.

Very often managers don’t show their names, and you think that you speak with CTO or with the owner of the company, but you speak with the sales manager

  • Testimonials. Speak directly to the previous or current clients of the company
  • Past projects. Check live projects, not just the case studies, but the live link to the project
  • NDA, Agreements. Ask to sign an NDA, and after that, you can discuss everything
  • Hourly rate. Ask what is included to the hourly rate. Do they have limitations?
  • Ranges of time rates. Some companies calculate the project manager’s time separately. When they calculate this time separately, the time rate for these specialists is different. For example, the cost for the web developer will be 40 USD, and the rate for the project manager 30 USD, and the QA 20 USD. All these affect the total development cost.

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