Ukrainian Mentality

To tell the long story short, Ukrainians are individualists, freedom lovers, not aggressive. Usually, they will first try to resolve conflict peacefully.

Often, foreigners pay attention to that Ukrainians are not very smiling and emotional. Not very generous to praise. You will hear praise just if you do something really huge.
Rectilinear people – they are telling what they think, very predictable.

Ukrainians are always fighting for freedom. You will face posters and art about that everywhere.

In the working process, Ukrainians will show their opinion about the situation on the project give suggestions. React quickly when this is necessary.

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Due to the enormous influence of the Soviet time, service in Ukraine is only in its infancy. Companies that provide services to foreign countries and the companies that work with Ukrainian clients are very different. Companies working with foreign markets are already accustomed to providing European service levels.

Religion is not something that affects work. Most Ukrainians are not religious people. Church holidays remained at the level of tradition

Ukrainian society is very tolerant of all nationalities and genders. The one thing which would be a catch in the eyes attitude towards older people. Just a few years ago society started to be more tolerant to seniors. But still, you will not see laughing seniors who were born in Soviet times

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