IT Services Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing is popular nowadays because it saves time and money.
Most of the clients don’t feel differences between working with the local companies and company from other countries. Especially if we speak about the same cultures between client and services provider. Tools with real-time communication features give more and more opportunities for people to be in touch from different countries or even work virtually without offices.

The most important thing in IT Outsourcing. People and conditions created by the company for employees. CEO becoming a manager who is serving employees. Employees should have everything they need for work and relax. That is why most Ukrainian IT companies invest a lot of money to offices, sports clubs, English lessons, etc. Usually, IT outsourcing companies provide services: software development, design, networking, SEO and marketing, etc. Most of these services are very depends on the person who makes it.

Employee turnover in the company shows that the process in the company is very low organized and conditions for work is very weak. That also influences the way they care about a client. That is why better to work with companies where employees are working not less than 2 years.

IT outsourcing makes the world more globalized. And this is good news. You can get a service which costs higher in your country. Outsourcing is very helpful, especially for small business. When you should invest more in your business and equipment. Usually, IT outsourcing is more popular in developing countries where the hourly rate is lower from developed countries. At the same time, clients from developed counties are a good motivator for a service provider to provide services at a higher level.

Don’t pay attention to the level of local salaries. That doesn’t matter how much do people earn on the local market in the country where you plan to outsource the IT services. Specialists will charge more than they could get on the local market. For example, in Ukraine people could get 400 USD and live a month on this salary. But that doesn’t influence the hourly rate which IT companies will charge from you. Usually, companies which work for foreign clients are more qualified and professional. They hire more skilled employees. That is why if you see just local projects in the portfolio that should look for you as a risky company to work with