John Farrell: A lot of developers say they have the skills but really don’t


Could you please, introduce yourself and your business. Where do you from?

Hi, my name is John Farrell, currently of OneBag.Travel.   I’m from the state of Connecticut in the United States, a little over 2 hours away from New York City.

What challenge were you trying to address with Ukrainian team?

In order to grow the business, we needed more tools to help deal with increasing amounts of data.

The main goal of our application was managing data.  When the company started, we were dealing with a few orders a day.  As the company grew, we needed software to help us be productive processing the growth in orders.

I’m a computer programmer, but couldn’t have programmed all the features we needed myself.  Without additional developers, I would have been programming until 2030 and still be behind!

Where did you find the team?

I found the team on Upwork.  Initially, we hired a single developer, but eventually expanded the team to five developers and one quality assurance person.

The initial developer had his own private development company, which we used to fill out the rest of our talent.

What was the key reason why you chose them?

The first developer we hired had the skills we wanted and demonstrated those skills via a comprehensive demonstration. We like that the team could showcase previous work

A lot of developers say they have the skills but really don’t so being able to prove you can do the work is very important.

What did you like in the working process?

At the start of the relationship, we didn’t have a great working process and made things up as we went.  We didn’t have a great specification system or test cases. We build the entire process from scratch.

Eventually, we hired a project manager who helped us convert from Trello to Jira and help organize us.

What I liked most about the process was that the people we hired were flexible enough to work with a changing process.  

What you didn’t like?

There were a couple of situations where the development team took it upon themselves to improve the software without letting us know.  On one occasion the developers completely changed the way our front-end code was processed.

When you replace or improve a lot of software at once there is a higher chance for problems and bugs.  Because the software team didn’t let us know, we weren’t prepared for all the additional testing we needed.

Luckily everything worked out.  I can appreciate developers trying to be proactive and solve problems, but it would have been better if the changes were communicated.

What do you think they should improve in their service?

We wanted the team to be more self-managed and produce better quality code.  I had to check a lot of their work and offer suggestions and improvements.

The software they developed for us was always very good, but it could have been better.

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Overall I’d recommend Ukrainian developers.  I loved the team and we had a lot of great times developing software together.




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