Outsourcing to Ukraine

IT Outsourcing is becoming more and more popular in Ukraine. At the same time, it is expected to keep increasing in the near future. Usually, Ukrainian IT companies are popular destinations for USA, UK, Denmark, Germany, Australia, and Israel. Each year the Ukrainian outsourcing market growing approximately 18% according to the Dou.ua

What makes Ukrainian IT outsourcing different?

Ukrainian IT outsourcing combines in itself European-mind and high temper to work.

— very hard-working people
— tries to adapt to your way of making business
— IT outsourcing field has strong competition

Companies, who provide low service are not able to survive on this rapidly growing market


What to outsource to Ukraine?

Web development and software development is the most popular for outsourcing.
The region doesn’t matter. Highly professional teams could be even in small cities. But, in Kyiv, companies can find more specialists to hire. This is the reason for big companies to build offices in Kyiv.

The drawback of Kyiv’s IT companies that they might be more expansive than the companies which are based in other cities.

The most popular programming languages in Ukrainian IT companies – december 2018

Popular positions in Ukranian IT copmanies – december 2018

Average age of developers depending on the programming language – december 2018

Average work experience for different positions – December 2018

English language

Usually, in Ukrainian IT companies, technical specialists are not fluently speaking the English language, more often the communication is done by the project manager whos work is planning the work and communicate with clients. You will frequently hear something like: “in our company, the communication is going through the project manager”

In general, that doesn’t influence the process of product creation in a bad way, in contrary, the developer has more time to make the code, by not spending time for communication.

TOP Web Development Companies in Ukraine according to the GoodFirms

What can stop you to outsource to Ukraine ?

Political situation

Political situation in Ukraine is far from ideal. But at the same time it is not critical. Ususally all agreements are signed according to th client’s country law.

The war on the Donbas

The war in Ukraine are based in one region and does not go beyond the Doneck region. In all other regions the situation is stable. It is very similar to the situation in Israel.

Ukraine is far from your country, you want to find someone local

Some people afraid to work with Ukraine because the country is far from them and they have a thoughts that it would be hard to control the team.

In contrary, there a big number of tools that could help you to check the process of working. A lot of clients come to Ukraine to visit a team before they sign the agreement. That is also very usufull way. That helps to see the real life of the team, personal meeting the first step to build the trust.

Ukrainian IT Outsourcing market already very rich with good companies and they continue growing. You can find a lot of solutions in one place.

Statiststics from Dou.ua