Outsourcing Web Design in Ukraine

Web design is less popular for outsourcing in Ukraine than web development. If we speak for offshore clients, usually they prefer to make the design in their own country or to have an in-house designer from their side.

The communication is much more comfortable, and the designer should know the realities of the country for which they do design. In most web development teams in Ukraine, the design is not priority service.

Often design touch also marketing questions. So the development companies will be very excited if you come to them with a ready design


Learning design in Ukraine

A lot of Ukrainian universities has design faculties, but that doesn’t mean that they study web\mobile design. They will study general design knowledge.

Usually, people learning design on non-governmental courses, private design schools. Some of them are classical artists who then started learning digital design and become a digital illustrator or a web\mob designer

Why is web design less popular for outsourcing?

Design is a creative work. Usually, this is the step when clients don’t even know how the product should look. It takes a lot of communication and clients doesn’t want to risk and to have a misunderstanding

Design very connected to the target audience. Better to make the design in a country where you plan to sell the product.

For example, web design which will be oriented to the Scandinavian countries and design which is oriented to the USA will look in a very different way.

A designer should understand that better than a customer.

Hard for planning and estimation

Design is tough to estimate. It is even harder for estimation then development. That is why very hard for the client to understand the full required budget. Companies are in the same position.

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