Outsourcing Web Development in Ukraine

Web development is the most popular service for outsourcing in Ukraine. After the war in 2014, the number of web development outsourcing companies just raised up. Government and banking systems also make an adapted environment for IT companies: lower taxes, additional banking services.

People are motivated: IT industry shows that people are very motivated to provide good quality service. Since other industries in Ukraine doesn’t show big potential, Ukrainian youth are going to study for IT specialties.

Why web development is so popular: the easiest way of starting and understandable business model. In order to start gaining money, young specialists shouldn’t do any financial investments. Often junior specialists start their career with WordPress. Professional specialists don’t recognize WordPress developers as the developers themselves usually they call them WordPress customizer, but this is the question on another topic.
After WordPress, usually, developers start looking for something more complex and choose frameworks or they start writing on the pure programming languages.

Popular programming languages: for commercial using Java is the most popular language in Ukraine.

The age of developers depending on programming language: the youngest developers are working with Kotlin; the most adult the developers are working with Pascal / Delphi, here the median age exceeds 37 years.

Weaknesses of Ukrainian web developers

If you work directly to Ukrainian web developers without any additional managers in the team the first weaknesses could be communication. By communication, we mean not the level of English, but the willingness to communicate often.
When the development is going sometimes you should have often called and chatting to speak about the functionality and ways of development. Developers after years of communicating with computers have problems with expressing themselves correctly and in an understandable form for clients.
A manager could be a good solution for that.

The second weakness, developers often don’t watch to the business side of the product. They see the number of functions inside the product and doesn’t look at how the potential user will use it. Clients usually connect that to the involvement and product understanding. But this is different.
The solution for that issues should be from both side: client and developers. The client should inspire developers with the his\her product. And the developers should have the willingness to understand the client.
Having a project manager can only help in this situation.

Does web development use CMS also popular?
The short answer – yes. Junior developers often starts with development using CMS: WordPress& WooCommerce, Magento, Open Cart, Joomla etc
You can see the statistics from Build With below