Tools and Platforms for Outsourcing

Reviews, Ratings & Rankings

A field guide with ratings, rankings, and reviews. They interview real clients, collect data, and compare competitors. Clutch’s team makes stars which you see near each company.

Research and review platform that helps both software buyers and service seekers find the best software or firm. At the same time, it helps IT companies and software vendors show information about their companies.

Rankings platform. Oriented mostly on Software, Marketing, and web development companies.

Ranking and news platform. Oriented not just on development companies, but also on coworking spaces

Freelancing Platforms

A leader in freelancing platforms world. If you don’t want to work through upwork with freelancers you can just look top companies in upwork. Also, they have a powerful community in Ukraine.

Not just a platform, but also a tool for hiring. On this platform, the commission is less so it also attracts a lot of freelancers

Website Building Tools

Easy to start CMS. Will be a good solution for freelancers, marketers who need something quick. Of cource, you will be not able to build CRM system using webflow, but it will help you to build a simple website.

You can build a website with google sites for one hour. If this is a simple landing page, or informational website and design doesn’t matter for you, google sites will be a good option. In comparison with webflow it doesn’t has so much features for design,but it is free, you can add your domain name for it, and use this platform as hosting.