Ukraine Is a Start-Up

Ukraine is on the way to transferring public services to electronic format. The Ministry of Transformation introduced the new branding style for e-government on the the previous week.

The Brand Philosophy

As conceived by the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the state is a service for Ukrainian citizens. In connection to that, the government plan to transfer 14 government services to electronic format.

What will be transfered to the electronic format

— 100% of services for citizens and businesses will be online;
— in 100% of settlements (including in villages) there will be Internet coverage;
— 6 million people from 30 to 60 years old, whose skills “subside” in digital, will be able to take an educational program;
— The ministry plans to increase the share of IT in GDPR.
How exactly – the details are not yet called.
— negotiations are underway regarding the Paypal

        90 projects have already been launched

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Why does Ukraine be a Start-Up

The marketing managers of the e-country brand say that Ukraine does not have time to make  e-changes smoothly. Necessary to divide quickly and go to the top countries in which services are provided to citizens electronically.
The competition between countries are high and, unfortunately, many Ukrainians are now going abroad. Simplification in the provision of services will simplify the life of Ukrainians.

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