What can You expect from Ukrainian Developers

IT products are oriented to minimize the human work. But before that, we are dealing with people while we create an IT product.The harsh realities of being. The world doesn’t have stereotypes regarding Ukrainians. This is one of the reasons why foreign clients don’t know what to expect from Ukrainian developers.

Why often developers don’t speak English?

Developers and most of the technical specialists are not familiar with the English language. Most of the time, they communicate with computers and optimize human language to computer language. It affects their ability to explain their thoughts.

Why developers do something just in case, I tell about that?

Not proactive. You will hardly find the developer who will tell you what is better to make on the project, how to optimize and update it. Usually, developers are good when you are telling them what to do. They are good task solvers. The answer is the same as for the previous question — developers should think like computers. Computers are solving the issue when you tell about the issue, or show that something wrong. Usually, managers warn about risks and tell clients what they should consider.

Why are developers asking stupid questions; questions about obvious things?

Programming is the ability to describe the user’s actions to the computer. Usually, it looks obvious. The best example to show how a computer thinks you can see in this video

Even if the task looks very easy, the developer sees several variants of how to solve it.

Why often, developers need a project manager?

project managerA project manager helps to focus on tasks. Without the project manager, the developer should communicate with the client, make tasks list, priorities, make user-stories, understand the client’s expectations. That will make the developer’s work not effective.

What can be expected from Ukrainian developers?

Ukrainian developers are very predictable

ukrainian developers
Usually, they are telling what they think doesn’t hide information from clients. It’s hard for them to sell themselves, so it’s hard for them to emphasize their benefits.

Adapt to the client

ukrainian developersCompanies in different ways are trying to adapt themselves to clients.
— Communication tools
— Project Management tools

Usually, companies try to be as transparent as possible to the client. Mimic a client.
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Do not like to bargain

ukrainian developersIf you start to bargain, this can cause resentment from the development team. Ukrainians are not used to bargaining. Most often, this is perceived as an insult; if you are trading, you consider their services to be of poor quality. However, inexperienced teams can immediately agree to the price you name


Ukrainian developers and development teams are very client-oriented. They try to be transparent, understandable for clients. You can expect that they will solve issues, but you should highlight those issues. Ukrainian developers and development teams are good implementers, but they should know from you what they should implement.

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